Neil Morris

Neil is the Founder and CEO of Grand Visual, an award-winning production and creative technology company that is driving dramatic evolution across the Digital Out of Home Landscape. With offices in London and New York, Neil has been responsible for many of the ‘wow’ moments the medium has delivered to date. Combining creative thinking, technology expertise and production technique, Grand Visual helps to unlock the potential of this exciting media space – where digital technologies intersect with the real, physical world.

In 2010, Neil and his team launched OpenLoop, the first Digital Out of Home campaign management platform for facilitating dynamic, real-time content across multiple formats, networks, and markets. This was the start of programmatically informed creative for DOOH. In 2015, Google used OpenLoop alongside its own ad technology, in a trial that delivered the world’s first fully programmatic DOOH campaign – a milestone moment for the outdoor advertising industry.

Neil has featured in BIMA’s Hot 100, writes a tech blog for The Huffington Post, and is a regular contributor to ExchangeWire and ClickZ.