Tuesday May 9 2017








09.30 Welcome | Adrian J Cotterill

09.45  Accelerating Out-of-Home | Justin Cochrane | CEO | Clear Channel UK

Emerging technology has already transformed UK out of home. Following substantial investment in digital inventory from major UK media owners, our sector’s focus now turns to automating out of home – making our media easier to plan, buy and optimize.

In this keynote speech, Clear Channel UK’s CEO, Justin Cochrane looks at out of home’s recent success and looks ahead to emerging opportunities and threats for the medium. How do out of home media owners use automation to unlock the creative potential of our digital estates? Justin will discuss how emerging technology offers out of home a once-in-a-generation opportunity to overcome issues of trust in advertising –delivering transparency and accountability for advertisers, responsible development of our advertising estates for landlords and ultimately create brilliant, creative advertising that connects brands with people.

10.15 Dynamic and Programmatic DOOH Content Discussion | Andrew Newman | CEO and Co-founder | DOOH.com, Alex Matthews | Managing Director, Dynamic | JCDecaux, Neil Morris | CEO | Grand Visual

Three of the UK industries greatest content experts will debate, discuss, and no doubt disagree (in parts). We will discuss (in no particular order), contextual, real-time data, the automation of dynamic and contextual advertising, programmatic creative, live, dynamic, and reactive digital out-of-home advertising campaigns, dynamic feeds, workflow intelligence and the smart use of data. We’ll ask if dynamic, contextual ads are easy for brands and separately, why has there has been so little dynamic digital out-of-home until now?

11:00 COFFEE

11:30 From Caveman to Braveman: How Clever Brands will use DOOH in the Future? | Helen Weisinger | Chief Client Officer | Outdoor Plus

I will take you on a whistle stop journey of Out Of Home advertising from the oldest and most inflexible medium of all to the most innovative, flexible, relevant and engaging medium in today’s digital world. I will then explore just some of the remarkable opportunities that are now available in DOOH and finally explore some of those possibilities that are just around the corner.

12:00 Why The Excitement With Public Video ? |Dirk Hülsermann | Managing Partner | DeBere Capital Partners

Moving images in public places, an advertising media that broadcasts videos, playout systems linked to online ad servers. Is Public Video and not DOOH really the future?

12:30 Two Turntables and a Microphone – the Marcomms Remix | Tim Lumb | Insight and Effectiveness Director | Outsmart

In an attempt to avoid the inevitably dull ‘Industry Body’ presentation, Tim Lumb wonders what time travel and hip-hop can tell us about the future of OOH.

13.00 LUNCH

14:00 How to Create Award Winning Content | Catherine Morgan | Head of Ocean Labs | Ocean Outdoor and Dino Burbidge | Director of Innovation and Technology, WCRS

14:45 What’s The Future for Cities and Where is Your Smart City Opportunity? | Sandra Baer | President | Personal Cities

The digital world we live in is moving so fast that, truthfully, none of us can fully adapt to the latest innovations before the next one appears. As for cities, they are in a continuous cycle of renewal and reinvention and are always in need of guidance when it comes to transformation – digital or not!
So, how can the Out of Home industry help city leaders strengthen engagement and citizen participation?  How can you all help cities compete, connect and collaborate in new ways to produce attractive places to live, work and play?  
How can the media world help identify new opportunities for cities?  How can they “think big” on behalf of a city, build new coalitions and leverage any “people-centred” technology they have, in order to make cities smarter?


15:45 The Evolution of Street Furniture | Peter Livesey | Co-Founder & CEO | Esprit Digital

16:15 Will Digital OOH and Automation Power OOH Growth ? | Naren Patel | CEO | Primesight

The Out of Home sector is currently investing record amounts in Digital signage at a pace not seen before, as well as investing in systems to enable automatic delivery of OOH audiences.

We ask whether the additional value derived from site impact, increased flexibility and efficiency now available to advertisers is being reflected in increased share for Out of Home?

Research asking opinions of leading clients, agencies and outdoor specialists aim to shed light on the current state of play and what the future holds for the fastest growing media last year – Digital Out of Home.

17.00 Closing Remarks | Adrian J Cotterill | Editor-in-Chief | DailyDOOH


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